How obsessed are customers with your product?

One night we got a call around 8 or 9 pm.
One of our customers needed a delivery.
We packaged up a few containers and drove to the appointed meeting spot, a parking lot.
As we sat in the car, idling, I thought, “What am I doing, the money I’ll make on this delivery probably won’t cover gas.”
Then I thought about the customer calling us directly, unwilling to wait till morning. That’s saying something about the product.
A car pulls up a few spots away and flashes its lights. It must be him. I get out and carry the package over. He hands me some money, thanks me, and drives off.
I think to myself, “there aren’t many products that people will drive out of their way to get. We must be on to something.”
But, I never thought I’d be delivering our gourmet rice pudding in the middle of the night.
What’s one thing you never thought you’d do in your business?

Beyond making money, I’m serving my family…

Our gourmet rice pudding and desert business is a family dream and passion.
We’re growing as a business and growing closer as a family while serving our customers.
I’m excited about creating an experience for them—seeing the glow go through their bodies and the smile on their faces after they take a spoonful of our rice pudding.
And when I hear people tell stories about their mother, grandmother or uncle making rice pudding, it makes me realize this is more than a dessert.
It’s a connection to memory, family, and love.
“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” — Julia Child, chef

What started as a hobby slowly became a business…

My husband and I sold our luncheonette after eight years of ownership. But, even after the sale, customers still called asking for our rice pudding. Not the meatloaf or chicken sandwiches. Only the rice pudding.
So, we’d make it for them. Out of a kitchen we rented at a Knights of Columbus hall.
A few days after delivering rice pudding for a party, we got a call from one of the guests. He raved about our rice pudding and asked to sell in his 7-Eleven store. But we didn’t sell to stores. He persisted. So we made a few cups for him. He called a few days asking for more. Then another 7-Eleven owner called…
My husband, Lou, was making the rice pudding before work. Then, due to demand, he started making it after work too. He’d do deliveries during his lunch break. It was an impossible schedule. The pudding sideline had taken on a life of its own.
We made the decision that I would come on full-time to deal with customers and sales, and he would handle making the pudding.
It was years from making those first trays out of a hall to working in a multi-million dollar facility and serving hundreds of locations in the NY tri-state area.
Building a business takes time. But, when you love what you’re doing, it’s time well spent.

Bi-annual Women Empowerment Circle

Honored to have been co-facilitator, with Ann Garbarino, of the Stony Brook University SBDC’s bi-annual Women Empowerment Circle.
You could feel the enthusiasm and positive energy flowing through the room. I want to thank our inspiring speaker, Lorraine Simone, M.S. Ed., CHt for her teachings on how to Communication with Compassion while empowering oneself.
Our next Women Empowerment Circle and donation event for a local women’s homeless shelter will be held December 2018 on Long Island. If interested in attending, please message me on LI or post a comment below.